30 June, 2016

BRUSSELS—Conservation organisations are welcoming the agreement reached on 30 June by the European Parliament, Council of Ministers, and European Commission on key provisions for a new European Union (EU) regulation on deep-sea fishing that includes a ban on bottom trawling below 800 metres and would close areas where vulnerable marine ecosystems are known or likely to occur.

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9 July, 2015

Luxembourg urged to lead negotiations to conclusion for new EU regulation on deep-sea fishing

As the EU Fisheries Council working group meets today in Brussels to discuss the new EU regulation on deep-sea fishing, representatives of the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition (DSCC), with Sea Rose – a model deep-sea roundnose grenadier fish – met today in Luxembourg city with the Minister of Agriculture, Viticulture and Consumer Protection, Mr. Fernand Etgen, to call on him to shepherd to conclusion negotiations for a regulation that ensures sustainable fisheries and protects vulnerable deep-sea ecosystems.

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