18 November, 2016

Source: Seas At Risk

The annual meeting of the North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission closed today without agreement regarding management of the deep-sea fish orange roughy. The Commission also agreed on total allowable catches of 7,500 tonnes for redfish in the Irminger Sea. These decisions leave both vulnerable species subject to overfishing, despite clear scientific advice to not allow any direct fishing for them.

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14 November, 2014

London, November 14, 2014 – The North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC) this week agreed to close six new areas totaling around 11,000 square kilometres to bottom fishing to protect vulnerable deep-sea species ecosystems and extended its prohibition on the catch of several shark species.

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11 October, 2005

A science tour event organized by the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition (DSCC) together with Iceland Nature Conservation Association, and attended by key people from Iceland’s government, has initiated a debate in Iceland over the country’s opposition to an interim suspension on high seas bottom trawling (1). Dr. Monica Verbeek, the DSCC’s European Coordinator and Dr. Alex Rogers of the British Antarctic Survey, one of the world’s leading seamount experts, presented the arguments for protecting the biodiversity of the high seas to representatives from Iceland’s Foreign, Fisheries and Environment Ministries, scientists from Iceland’s Marine Research Institute and non-governmental organisations.

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11 February, 2005

Germany, Sweden, New Zealand and Brazil expressed dismay that action on marine issues appeared to take a step backwards at CBD SBSTTA 10. Deep Sea Conservation Coalition member Greenpeace, attending the meeting, sought to strengthen a number of draft goals and targets designed to help governments reduce and halt the loss of marine and coastal biodiversity by 2010.

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