8 May, 2018

Source: New Zealand Herald
Author: New Zealand Herald Editorial

The news that Niwa scientists are going to make a proper investigation of the environmental impact of seabed mining will be welcomed by both sides of this debate. New Zealand sits atop a large continental shelf stretching to the limits of its exclusive economic zone and apart from drilling for oil and gas we have barely scratched the surface of its potential mineral resources.

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11 February, 2015

The decision by New Zealand’s Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to refuse consent for a bid to mine phosphate from the Chatham Rise’s deep sea bed is logical, wise, and a victory for good science, and a vindication of all the concerns raised by the groups in the hearing, say environmental groups who opposed the scheme.

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11 December, 2014

“Astonishing and irresponsible” is how experts and environmentalists have greeted the news that the Government of New Zealand has granted a subsidy of up to $20 million to a company proposing to operate a deep sea mine, while a legal Hearing on its application to do so is still deliberating.

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