Baltic Sea

3 June, 2015

Source: IUCN

A total of 7.5% of all European marine fish species are threatened with extinction in European waters, according to the European Red List of Threatened Species published today by IUCN and the European Commission. While some species are recovering, marine management has been less successful for many other commercial fishes: 40.4% of European sharks, rays and chimaeras face an elevated risk of extinction.

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19 May, 2015

Minister Janis Duklavs welcomes Sea Rose to support progress on new EU deep-sea regulation

May 19, 2015 – Representatives of Pasaules Dabas Fonds, with Sea Rose – a model deep-sea roundnose grenadier fish – met today with Minister Janis Duklavs, to call on him to continue the progress Latvia is making shepherding the negotiation of a new EU regulation to manage deep-sea fishing and protect vulnerable deep-sea ecosystems.

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