How much longer will it take?

Date: August 20, 2016

A ten-year review of the implementation of United Nations General Assembly resolutions 61/105, 64/72 and 66/68 on the management of bottom fisheries in areas beyond national jurisdiction

The full report can be found here

(also available in double page version)

2016 is a big year for the deep sea. The DSCC has waged a decade-long campaign to drive robust implementation of the United Nations General Assembly resolutions committing high seas fishing nations to preventing damage to deep-sea ecosystems via a series of well-defined actions.

The passing of these resolutions has marked a critical turning point in our collective attitude to the deep oceans of the high seas and imposed the burden of ‘protection before exploitation’ on fishing nations. It has established a precedent, which could serve the wider oceans cause for decades to come.

In 2016, the UNGA will – for the fourth time – review the implementation of its deep-sea resolutions. It is important that this review results in success. All previous reviews have found serious shortcomings, in spite of which a number of nations continued to authorize their vessels to deep-sea fish on the high seas.

As in the two previous UNGA review years (2009, 2011), the DSCC has produced an independent global assessment of progress in the actions to manage deep-sea fisheries in the high seas.

The Executive Summary of the DSCC’s 2016 analysis, available in English, Spanish, French and Brazilian Portuguese can be found here.