The 8th Meeting of the Scientific Committee (SC8) will take place from  to  in Tenerife, Spain.

You can find the DSCC’s priorities for the protection of seamounts and other topographical features in areas beyond national jurisdiction in the Southern Indian Ocean here.

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10th March 2023

Ahead of this year’s ISA meetings, you can find the DSCC’s briefing in English here

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ISA 28


8th March 2023

Joint eNGO Briefing Paper for the 11th Meeting of the Commission of the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation from 13-17 February 2023

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South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation


14th January 2023

The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition (DSCC) challenges governments to protect the ocean from top to bottom in the wake of the new COP15 Biodiversity Framework, by calling for a stop to deep-sea mining and a ban on bottom trawling on global seamounts.

Available in English.

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20th December 2022

Recommendations on deep-sea mining for COP-15 to amend the draft Decision on Marine and Coastal Biological Diversity (December 2022)

  • PDF (English)

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8th December 2022

The DSCC released a briefing paper in advance of the upcoming ISA meeting in Kingston, Jamaica (31 October – 11 November).

Read the briefing in full here.

Available in English.

16th October 2022

The DSCC provided comments to the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Namibia on the draft EIA Report “ESIA REPORT FOR THE PROPOSED SANDPIPER MARINE PHOSPHATE PROJECT WITHIN ML 170, OFFSHORE, NAMIBIA”

Read the letter in full here.

Available in English.

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27th September 2022

As NAFO Contracting Parties meet for the first in person Annual Meeting since 2019, it is both important to reflect upon progress that has been made and where NAFO can continue to ensure that it fully upholds its modernized Convention, meets obligations to protect biodiversity in areas under its jurisdiction and advances best practices in fisheries management. 

Read the DSCC’s NAFO Checklist for Success here.

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19th September 2022