26 September, 2023

Drawing on published scientific evidence, this DSCC briefing paper, written by Dr Lissette Victorero, profiles the severe, long-lasting ecological impacts that bottom trawling has on seamounts and other deep-sea vulnerable marine ecosystems.

Available in English and Spanish. 

21 November, 2014

Several NGOs (Access Info, Ecologistas en Acción, Fundació ENT, Greenpeace, Oceana, WWF and Deep Sea Conservation Coalition) have sent an information request to the Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment in order to clarify the impact on the Spanish deep-sea fleet of the European Commission’s proposal for a new regulation for the management of deep-sea fishing in the Northeast Atlantic. Since the early stages of the negotiation process on the proposal, both the Spanish government and the industry have publicly, and on several occasions, stated data that present large discrepancies regarding the impact of the proposal on the fleet operating in deep-waters.

Available in Spanish.