2 September, 2021

Papers submitted

  • Watling and Auster (2021). Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems, Communities, and Indicator Species: Confusing Concepts for Conservation of Seamounts
  • Currie and Weeber (2021) The Precautionary Approach and Ecosystem Approach in the context of Prevention of Significant Adverse Impacts on Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems
2 August, 2021

Authors: Katrina Goddard, Karli Thomas, Barry Weeber


Together with Greenpeace Aotearoa, WWF-NZ, Forest and Bird, LegaSea, New Zealand Sport Fishing Council, Our Seas Our Future, and Environment and Conservation Organisations of Aotearoa New Zealand (ECO), the DSCC  is calling on the New Zealand government to ban bottom trawling on seamounts.

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16 April, 2021

The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition’s (DSCC) 2020 Report informs on Fisheries, Deep Seabed Mining and Ocean Governance.

24 March, 2021

Seamounts are fragile and biologically diverse marine ecosystems that are vulnerable to deep-sea fisheries activities and, increasingly, other human impacts.

This briefing examines the current state of seamount science and protection. It summarizes who continues to fish in these unique habitats and presents a case for urgent and intensified political action to protect these biodiversity hotspots.