16 April, 2021

The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition’s (DSCC) 2020 Report informs on Fisheries, Deep Seabed Mining and Ocean Governance.

29 November, 2018

This report contains a summary of the international expert workshop “A benefit sharing mechanism appropriate for the Common Heritage of Mankind” which took place from 26 to 29 November 2018 in Potsdam, Germany. It was jointly organized by the German Environment Agency and the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies. The overall objective was to stimulate debate on the Common Heritage of Mankind and its benefit sharing element by discussing first ideas how the benefit sharing required by Article 140 paragraph 2 UNCLOS could be appropriately conceptualized in order to meet with the spirit and the requirements of the Common Heritage of Mankind principle. 50 mostly international Stakeholders from a range of disciplines considered the following aspects:

  • The legal framework of the common heritage of mankind, in particular its benefit sharing provisions;
  • The option of a full economic assessment of deep seabed mining operations;
  • Economic considerations in light of the Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Goals;
  • Forward thinking of deep seabed mining with a 2030 Scenario Approach;
  • The future role of the Enterprise;
  • The interlinkage with the BBNJ process.

Read the report here (PDF).

1 December, 2006

Source: UNEP

We live in an age of ocean discovery. Advances in science and technology are unveiling secrets and shattering myths about the oceans that are changing the way we view life on Earth. There is an urgent need to apply these new insights to manage human activities to protect, restore and maintain ocean life in all its variety so that life on Earth can continue to prosper

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