27 September, 2022

The DSCC provided comments to the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Namibia on the draft EIA Report “ESIA REPORT FOR THE PROPOSED SANDPIPER MARINE PHOSPHATE PROJECT WITHIN ML 170, OFFSHORE, NAMIBIA”

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16 September, 2022

The DSCC sent a letter of concern to the International Seabed Authority (ISA) Secretary General, President of Council, and Chair of the Legal and Technical Commission (LTC) about the process by which the environmental impact statement submitted by Nauru Ocean Resources Incorporated for its upcoming collector test has apparently been approved by the Legal and Technical Commission.

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12 November, 2021

The DSCC have written to the ISA Secretary General, the LTC and Council members. highlighting concerns surrounding the NORI environmental impact assessment, asking that:

(1) The EIS not progress and request that it be withdrawn for its complete lack of – indeed the absence of even an attempt to include – the critical environmental baseline

(2) to express our serious concerns with the procedural shortcomings of the public consultation undertaken.

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7 July, 2021

Greenpeace USA, the DSCC and Global Witness have sent a letter to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) warning that DeepGreen have not credibly represented how it will manage the risk of untested deep-sea mining, which threatens to mislead the investing public around the profitability of the company.

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20 January, 2021

1 December, 2020 – Letter to the President of the Council on Blue Minerals Jamaica Ltd. Application

24 November 2020 – Letters to the ISA on the Silence Procedure

23 November 2020 – Letter to the Secretary-General on Tonga Offshore Mining Ltd Acquisition by DeepGreen Metals Inc.

6 October 2020 – Letter the Finance Committee on ISA Proposal to Charge Observer Fees

22 September 2020 – Letter to the Acting President of the Council on Observers and the Silence Procedure

5 June 2020 – Letter to the Secretary General on ISA Webinars, Transparency and Observer Participation

22 May 2020 – Letter to the Secretary General on India Environmental Impact Assessment Process

22 September, 2020

The DSCC wrote this letter to the Acting President of the ISA Council, respectfully requesting that Observers be notified of all deliberations taking place under the silence procedure, including prospective decisions.

3 February, 2020

On February 3, 2020, the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition issued a memo to over 100 Permanent Missions to the United Nations and related organizations in New York. The memo refers to a workshop entitled “To explore the Case for Sourcing Battery Metals from Ocean Nodules and Nori’s Program to Assess Environmental and Social Impacts” scheduled for 5-6 February 2020 in San Diego and organized by speculative deep-sea mining companies DeepGreen and NORI.

In a rush to move this industry forward, proponents such as the workshop organizers have positioned the discussion around the questions of “when and how”, rather than the more fundamental question of “if” deep-sea mining should ever be permitted, and under what circumstances.  Individuals and organizations around the world are increasingly calling for a moratorium on deep-sea mining out of concern for the damage it would cause to the fragile and yet-undiscovered ecosystems and species of the deep, and in the context of the urgent need to leave behind the extractive economic model in favour of a transformational approach that respects our planetary boundaries.

In this memo, we have compiled at a topline level some of the key arguments against the need for deep-sea mining.

Read the memo here (PDF).

23 September, 2019

In a letter send to:

João Aguiar Machado
European Commission, Director-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
Anders Jessen,
European Commission, Law of the Sea and Regional Fisheries Organisations, DG-MARE

the DSCC, WWF- EU and Seas At Risk adress the topic of ‘Closing seamounts to bottom fisheries and unregulated fishing in the NAFO Regulatory Area’.


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11 December, 2017

Not only is our ocean home to amazing wildlife, it provides us with livelihoods, food and every second breath we take. As this inspirational series ends we have an obligation to think about how we can all help to protect our ocean, personally through our own actions and as global citizens.

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