15 July, 2021

Deep-sea mining is out of step with the direction the world is taking, as leaders across both
public and private sectors seek nature-based solutions to the climate and biodiversity crises.
However, alternatives to this destructive industry are within reach.

24 March, 2021

Seamounts are fragile and biologically diverse marine ecosystems that are vulnerable to deep-sea fisheries activities and, increasingly, other human impacts.

This briefing examines the current state of seamount science and protection. It summarizes who continues to fish in these unique habitats and presents a case for urgent and intensified political action to protect these biodiversity hotspots.

23 July, 2020

Mining of the deep seabed beyond national jurisdiction, known as the Area, is administered by the International Seabed Authority (ISA) and may be carried out by a contractor sponsored by a State Party. It is vital that States consider the complex legal risks, responsibilities and potential liability for damage that can arise from the sponsorship of seabed mining activities in the Area | Author: Duncan Currie LL.B. (Hons.) LL.M

9 June, 2020

The deep sea is the largest biome on Earth. This mysterious and varied place makes up 90% of the marine environment and plays a vital role in regulating our planetary systems, not least by absorbing and storing vast quantities of the carbon dioxide emitted into the air by human activity.

Learn more:

  1. Deep-sea mining: an introduction
  2. Deep-sea mining: the ecosystems at risk and potential impacts
  3. Deep-sea mining: growing support for a moratorium
  4. Deep-sea mining: where are they seeking to mine first?
  5. Deep-sea mining: international commitments
  6. Deep-sea mining: what do we stand to lose?
  7. The International Seabed Authority: Significant Concerns
  8. Deep-sea mining: why deep-sea minerals are not needed
8 November, 2016

Seamounts – underwater mountains found throughout the world’s ocean – harbor diverse and biologically rich ecosystems, often formed by cold-water corals, sponges and other deep-sea habitat forming species.

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