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11 Nov 2022

March 2023


  • The delegation stated that understanding of ocean environment might be accomplished through exploration and prospecting or test mining
  • China stated that the principle of common heritage of mankind is the core of the deep seabed regime which should be turned into a reality based on development and exploitation


  • On serious harm, China called to retain the word “serious” stating that the threshold should be based on how serious the harms are (other State and observers, including the DSCC have stated that ‘serious’ is a concerning threshold for harm as in line with UNCLOS Article 145)


  • Questioned whether external experts where really necessary, or whether they create extra-burdens.

October/November 2022


  • China stated that the contractors will be the direct provider of environmental baseline information and contractors participation is is a must


  • Advocated to ensure a reasonable balance between exploitation of resources in the Area and the protection of the marine environment.
  • This was opposed by Costa Rica, Chile, New Zealand, the UK, Norway, Italy and the Netherlands and the paragraph was not amended.

July/August 2022


  • Called to improve ISA regime and that the development of regulations is a priority. The delegation added that regulations need to balance exploitation and protection based on scientific facts and evidence, strengthen and improve regime 
  • China also called for the promotion of the sustainable development of the seabed, which cannot be achieved without the progress of science, orderly use of resources, sharing of benefits, collaboration and solidarity.


  • Stated that discussing “EPC operationalization now is a little premature.”