Dominican Republic- Key statements

Date: 1 August 2022

July 2023


  • The delegation stated that “We acknowledge the increasing demand of minerals needed in a global energy transition. Nonetheless, we join those that seek alternatives such as recycling and promoting a circular economy to reduce dependency on these minerals. Exploitation should not be the only solution to satisfy demands. 
  • The delegation recognised scientific concerns with vulnerable biology noted: “Mining could impact these slow-growing animals, many that are not found anywhere else. They need protection. Due to the uncertainty around deep-sea mining, we support the precautionary principle… Our national position is to adopt a precautionary pause

March 2023


  • The Dominican Republic in coherence with the basic principles of its environmental law referred to previously adopts the national position a precautionary pause at the beginning of exploitation of resources in the area until:
    • A: we establish a regulatory and adequate legal framework based on sufficient scientific knowledge for the protection of the marine environment;
    • B: We have more sound scientific certainty to guarantee the protection of the environment;
    • C: We have carried out rigorous and transparent impact assessments;
    • D: We have implemented the precautionary principle, the ecosystem approach and the principle of the polluter pays


  • The delegation stated that the ocean is a vital source of life and it is crucial to take steps to protect them.
  • They stated that a precautionary approach is a vital tool and that we must act with caution if environment could be harmed including when there’s no scientific certainty.
  • The delegation stated a commitment to the effective protection of the ocean and the sustainable use of their resources.
  • Acknowledges that we need to act with caution – deep-sea mining could have serious irreversible consequences.
  • Called for better understanding the impacts of human activities and improving the regulatory framework

July/August 2022


  • Highlighted the need to consider the common heritage of humankind while guaranteeing equitable distribution of benefits based on the needs of countries.


  • Called for full transparency in negotiations and the reinstatement of UN Web TV so that remote delegates, observers, and media could follow meeting proceedings.
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