Jamaica – Key statements

Date: 29 July 2022

March 2023


  • The Delegation supported a functionally independent, properly financed inspectorate, headed by an Inspector General and staffed by a qualified team of inspectors


  • The delegation stated that “We will work to ensure the effective protection of the marine environment, from any harmful effects that may arise from activities undertaken in the area. To the development of appropriate rules, regulations and procedures. This is a core component of the authorities mandate, which we fully embrace and promote.”

July/August 2022


  • Stated that the EPC should be operationalized before the first plan of work for exploitation is agreed


  • The delegation highlighted that some contractors seem to be relying on work in other contract areas which is not consistent with individual obligations in contract Areas and should be kept under careful review.
  • They also stated that it remains unacceptable that some contractors do not feel it necessary to respond to the Legal and Technical Commission and cannot understand why it would have difficulty, such as more details on programme of activities to understand how developing its baselines. They stated that this lack of response in any area requires further action and should be brought to the attention of sponsoring states and kept under review by Council.
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