The Deep Ocean Is Essential for Life on Earth—but It Is Under Threat

Date: 2 March 2022

Source: The Pew Charitable Trusts

Deep-sea mining could destroy biodiversity and habitats, and sacrifice benefits not yet understood says marine biologist, Diva Amon.

Following the publication of a new paper in Marine Policy identifying the gaps in environmental knowledge where deep-sea mining is set to take place, Diva Amon speaks to The Pew Charitable Trust about just what is at stake.

“There is still a lot left to understand about how deep-sea environments will cope with the impacts of mining because there have been very few tests done, and none of them on the scale or intensity of proposed commercial deep-sea mining operations. We simply don’t know enough yet about the deep sea.”

Dr Diva Amon- Deep Sea Biologist.

Read the interview in full here.

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