Countdown to #DEEPDAY 2022


Join the DSCC for this year’s #DeepDay on 5th December 2022 and celebrate the critical role the deep ocean plays in making life on earth possible.

On #DeepDay we will be highlighting the key threats facing the deep ocean, including the nascent deep-sea mining industry and bottom trawling on seamounts, and vulnerable marine ecosystems.

Throughout #DeepDay we’ll be showcasing what’s happening across the deep sea community and diving down into the biggest habitat on earth.

Please share social media tiles and posts from our social media toolkit across the day. Posts are provided in French, Spanish and English.

Confirmed Deep Day events

Deep Ocean Stewardship Initiative Event

Date: 09:00 CET, December 5

DOSI launched a new tool on their website featuring descriptions of organizations and programs that focus on deep sea science and conservation, serving as a space for those interested in deep-ocean research, policy or related careers. The new tool will be introduced along with a short video.

Youth Alliance for a Deep Seabed Mining Moratorium

Date: 17:00 – 18:00 CET, December 5

Youth representing the Sustainable Ocean Alliance have been leading their generation’s opposition to tapping into the deep seabed as a new source of minerals and calling for a moratorium on commercial development of this emerging industry. They share their perspective from their experience participating in and making interventions at International Seabed Authority meetings, as well as their experience elevating this issue to youth and in political circles in their own countries and regions. They also share some of the threats seabed exploitation could pose to the least studied ecosystems on the planet, and their vision for how to move forward.

Blue Peril Video Screening

Deep Sea Mining Campaign will be screening the Blue Peril film, exploring the impacts of deep seabed mining throughout Deep Day.

12:00 AEDT / 02:00 CET / 19:00 CST (English subtitles)
18:00 AEDT / 08:00 CET / 01:00 CST (English subtitles)
21:00 AEDT / 10:00 CET / 04:00 CST (French subtitles)
03:00 AEDT / 16:00 CET / 10:00 CST (French subtitles)
06:00 AEDT / 19:00 CET / 13:00 CST (Spanish subtitles)
12:00 AEDT / 01:00 CET / 19:00 CST (Spanish subtitles)

Interview series on the importance of the deep sea

The DSCC will launch throughout Deep Day, a series of interviews highlighting the importance of the deep sea, the ominous threats the deep sea faces and their implications for our planet. 

08:00 CET – Protecting global seamounts- essential oases for life in the deep

Bronwen Golder, DSCC Campaign Lead explores why seamounts are critical ecosystems in the deep, the threats they face, and the action that can be taken to protect them.

13:00 CET- The deep sea’s vital role in safeguarding us from climate crisis, Natalie Andersen, IPSO International Programme on the State of the Ocean’s Natalie Andersen dives into the role the deep sea in keeping our planet functioning, locking away much of the heat and carbon humanity release into the atmosphere, and the critical action needed to defend the deep.

18:00 CET – Why a moratorium is necessary and achievable

The DSCC’s Director, Sian Owen explores why a moratorium on deep-sea is necessary and within reach for Deep Day 2022.

23:00 CET – Protecting the Lost City

As COP15 begins, Marine Conservation Institute’s Lance Morgan takes us on a journey into the world of the Lost City, and uncovers why this unique ecosystem, full of life, needs protecting.

IPSO Live from CBD COP15

The International Programme on the State of the Ocean’s Director, Mirella von Lindenfels reflects on why COP15 cannot ignore the largest biome on our planet, the deep sea.