Deep Week 2020

October is a fantastic time to reflect on just how important the deep-sea is. The deep sea makes up the majority of the living space on our planet, so make sure you celebrate it starting 5th October (also World Habitat Day).

Credit: NOAA

For this year’s #DeepWeek, we want to encourage you to take action for the deep-sea, wherever you might be in the world, by celebrating the crucial role it plays within all our lives.

Take a look at the activities, events and campaigns below to find out how you can get involved. Join the conversation on social media using #DeepWeek and #DeepTrouble in your posts.

Deep-sea TV

We kicked off #DeepWeek with our very own Deep Sea TV show on Monday 5th October at 8pm BST.

Catch up with the DSCC and our speakers from around the world to hear more about what makes the deep sea so special and how we can protect it from the threat of deep-sea mining.

What makes the deep sea so special?

What threats does it face?

What action can you take?