1 July, 2022


For Immediate Release 1.7.22

As resistance to the emerging destructive deep-sea mining industry continues to skyrocket in Lisbon this week at the UN Ocean Conference, French President Emmanuel Macron has called for a stop to mining in the high seas.

Speaking at an official conference side event held at the Lisbon Oceanarium, President Macron stated: “We have to create the legal framework to stop high seas mining and not to allow new activities that endanger ecosystems.”


28 June, 2022

DSCC Reaction

This week, the Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture voted on the European Commission’s proposal to close vulnerable areas to fishing gears which touch the seabed with the majority of EU member states adopted the implementing Act. EU member States had committed to do so in 2016, when adopting the Deep Sea Fisheries Regulation.

The DSCC warmly welcomes this vote and applauds the Commission for steering this process to successful conclusion.

We encourage the Commissioner Sinkevicius and DG Mare to ensure that the implementing act as adopted becomes law without any further delays. Deep sea vulnerable marine ecosystems can not wait any longer for sound protection.

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22 April, 2022

Source: Seas At Risk

A new Alliance of Pacific parliamentarians calls on Pacific leaders to protect its territorial waters from deep-sea mining. Their action sets an example for the EU, which continues to address its deep-sea mining precautionary position exclusively to international waters, largely ignoring deep-sea mining risk in European seas.  

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7 February, 2022

Source: Le Journal du Dimanche

Authors: Yannick Jadot, Marie Toussaint et Caroline Roose

The French ecologist presidential candidate Yannick Jadot and the MEPs Marie Toussaint and Caroline Roose point to the contradictions of Emmanuel Macron as he hosts a world summit on the safeguarding of the oceans.

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16 September, 2021

Source: Seas at Risk

As IUCN members voted in favour of a moratorium on deep-sea mining on 8th September at IUCN World Conservation Congress, the European Commission (EC) published its 2021 Strategic Foresight Report, announcing plans to step-up deep-sea mining exploration.

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