Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TUDAV)

Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TUDAV) was established in 1997 aiming to conduct research on marine science, protect marine life, educate the public on the marine environment and raise awareness on its importance in our life. We have published more than 50 books, as well as a thrice-yearly scientific journal, “Journal on the Mediterranean/Black Sea Environment”. We have conducted a range of research and projects with the support of international institutions like UNEP–UNDP and the European Union, as well as the private sector. TUDAV has also become an observer for Black Sea Environment Program, Mediterranean Action Plan, ACCOBAMS, MedPAN, and ICCAT.

TUDAV coordinates educational projects on the protection of our seas by conducting summer schools and seminars. We organized many workshops on current problems like pollution, marine biodiversity, sustainable fisheries, marine protected areas and alien species. TUDAV continues to advocate for marine protected areas, fight against IUU fishing, protect the marine environment from various pollution sources, and monitor biodiversity. Recently we started supporting the Turkish initiative on Antarctic expeditions. TUDAV has played a leading role in the establishment of various marine protected areas in Turkey.