Colectivo Internacional Pelagos Okeanos is a multidisciplinary research institution that integrates science, art, and technology to achieve sustainable management of marine resources. Our purpose is to involve society to defend, conserve and restore the wonders of the ocean. We specialize in developing digital campaigns and communications for projects in conservation, ecosystem restoration, blue economy, ocean governance, and climate change. We are a team of young professionals looking to advance ocean sustainability and the understanding of our oceans through cutting-edge technology and development on ocean sensing, observation, and exploration. We work to innovate on science communication and scientific diplomacy for the oceans.

Our current regional focus is to aid the establishment of plurinational marine protected areas in the Eastern Tropical Pacific and the Caribbean Sea. In Costa Rica, we work to develop a network of ocean observatories, implement emerging technologies (genomics and robotics), and the exploration/stewardship of deep-sea ecosystems in the EEZ.