The earth is a planet of water: 60 percent of the surface belongs to the high and deep seas. This ecosystem is the largest realm on earth for millions of plants and animals, a major actor in the dynamics of the global climate. It is also a rich resource for the growing demands of the world’s increasing population. But the oceans are daily under strong attack: pollution and mismanagement of marine resources threaten the fragile balance of this unique biotope.

Only with united conservation efforts at national and international level can this environmental degradation of the high seas be stopped.

DEEPWAVE was founded in the spring of 2003 in order to develop and enforce environmental tools to protect the ecosystem of the high and deep seas. Our aims are to:

– enhance awareness of threats to the marine environment
– pressure political parties to develop further solutions to these threats
– promotes scientific research and its dissemination
– provide an organisational framework for information and opinions on marine conservation issues.