Blue Climate Initiative

The Blue Climate Initiative is a multi-year program engaging innovators, community leaders, scientists, influencers, investors and global experts through evidence-based action. It enables innovation, research and collaboration to combat climate change while protecting our oceans, unlocking solutions to urgent challenges like renewable energy, sustainable food supplies, improved human health, biodiversity, stewardship of the ocean’s resources, and vibrant ocean economies.

At the top of its list of priorities is Deep Sea Mining. Deep Sea Mining would be highly damaging to ocean ecosystems, human health and humanity’s common heritage, and subsequently to the ability of our ocean to regulate the climate. With the International Seabed Authority granting access to mining corporations at an alarming rate and through inadequate accountability mechanisms, the Blue Climate Initiative is committed to playing its part and leveraging its network in advocating for a moratorium, building public awareness and concern, and disseminating evidence on potential impacts and viable alternatives.