Deep sea news (20 – 27 February)

Date: February 27, 2023

Check out the top stories from the deep, taken from coverage between 20-27 February 2023

‘They’re everywhere out there’: Three new nautilus species described

Source: Mongabay

Author: Elizabeth Claire Alberts

Researchers have described three new species of nautilus found in the Coral Sea and the South Pacific.

Nautiluses, the “most mysterious, well-known animal” of the ocean, have captivated and baffled scientists for hundreds of years. Taking a new approach to the study of Nautiluses, Gregory Barord, and other researchers have released a paper outlining the discovery of three genetically distinct species.

Le Pacifique Sud face aux enjeux de l’extraction minière en haute mer

Source: Franceinfo

Author: Alain Jeannin

The deadlines set around major deep-sea mining decisions are approaching. Triggered in 2021 by Nauru, the two year window for the adoption of deep-sea mining regulations marks 2023 as a pivotal year. With the ISA ready to convene in March, Franceinfo describes the complexity of the discussions.

Ambientalistas lamentan que siga pesca de arrastre de fondo de Nueva Zelanda

Source: La Vanguardia

La Vanguardia covers the DSCC’s reaction to the ‘disappointing’ decisions taken at SPRFMO. New Zealand has been permitted to continue and expand bottom trawling in the South Pacific in a move that will devastate the ecosystems of up to 30% of the area.

A deep dive: Young Jamaican climate activists collaborate to raise awareness of deep-sea mining

Source: Global Voices

Author: Emma Lewis

A team of young Jamaican advocates, led by the Jamaica Climate Change Youth Council (JCCYC) and supported by partners including Greenpeace USA, recently came together to present an in-depth look at the issue of deep-sea mining, especially as it relates to the Caribbean.

Why has a Canadian company partnered with the tiny island of Nauru to fast-track deep-sea mining?

Source: The Toronto Star

Author: Joanna Chiu

The Toronto Star dives into the emerging, deep-sea mining industry and why a controversial Canadian company has partnered with Nauru to fast-track it.

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