Deep sea news (31 October – 7 November)

Date: November 7, 2022
Purple "dinner plate" jellyfish.

Check out the top stories from the deep, taken from coverage between 31 October – November 7, 2022

Germany calls for ‘precautionary pause’ before deep-sea mining industry starts

Source: the guardian

During the first week of the International Seabed Authority meetings in Jamaica, Germany called for a precautionary pause on deep-sea mining – in a statement the German representative said: “The German government here wants to underline its view that current knowledge and available science is insufficient to approve deep seabed mining until further notice.”

In Latin America, resistance to deep-sea mining is growing

Source: China Dialogue

China Dialogue speaks to several Latin American experts and reports they all agree that there is little scientific evidence about what we have on the seabed and that the International Seabed Authority is being permissive regarding this activity.

Varios países se unen a España para establecer moratoria a la minería marina

Source: EFE Verde

Más países se unen al llamado, ya realizado por España, para establecer una “pausa precautoria” a la minería en aguas profundas esta semana durante las negociaciones del Consejo de la Autoridad International del Fondo Marino, que se llevan a cabo en Jamaica. Alemania, Costa Rica y Panamá

Representantes de Ecologistas hacen un llamado a la valentía para el 2023 para que más países se unan al llamado por una moratoria.

Hunt for deep sea minerals draws scrutiny amid green push

Source: ABC News

Article delves into the concerns over deep-sea mining and its potential risks to the environment as momentum for a moratorium or precautionary pause on the activity continues to grow.

“You can’t regulate what you don’t understand,” said Duncan Currie, an international and environmental lawyer and legal adviser to the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition.

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