Deep sea news (03 – 10 October 2022)

Date: October 12, 2022

Check out the top stories from the deep, taken from coverage between 03 – 10 October 2022

These spectacular deep-sea creatures live in a potential mining hot spot

Source: Vox

Author: Benji Jones

“What is certain is that the CCZ is full of life, and much of it remains undiscovered. The images below, which come from research expeditions in the CCZ, reveal some of its most mind-bending creatures”

Vox takes a look at the “unmatched” species diversity in the Clarion Clipperton Zone, brought to life with photos from recent expeditions. 

Author and Deep Sea Diver Randy L. Slapnicka Announces Release of New Fiction Book “Leave the Bottom: Cook Islands”

Source: Digital Journal

Author: GetNews

“Randy L. Slapnicka, a deep sea diver and underwater welder, has announced the release of his new book, ‘Leave the Bottom: Cook Islands’.”

Randy Slapnicka’s new novel, ‘Leave the Bottom’, draws on his years of deep-sea diving experience to explore the dangers of deep-sea mining in a “page turning” adventure.

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