Deep sea news (5-12 September 2022)

Date: September 12, 2022

Check out the top stories from the deep, taken from coverage between 5-12 September 2022

Advection-diffusion-settling of deep-sea mining sediment plumes. Part 1: Midwater plumes

Source: Cambridge University Press

Authors: Raphael Ouillon, Carlos Muñoz-Royo,Matthew H. Alford and Thomas Peacock

A paper released in ‘Flow’ Journal details the research findings on seabed sediment plumes.

“The evolution of sediment plumes is a multiscale and multiphysics process of great complexity that plays a key role in setting the indirect impact of deep-sea mining activities.” 

“The results provide some sense of scale for deep-sea mining midwater plumes, but more significantly demonstrate the importance of the parameters that influence the evolution of midwater plumes.”

See also  ‘Advection–diffusion settling of deep-sea mining sediment plumes. Part 2. Collector plumes’

French Polynesia moves towards ban on ‘craziness’ of seabed mining

Source:  Radio New Zealand

“We need to convince our cousins of the Pacific to stop this craziness.”

French Polynisia have voted in a draft opinion for a temporary ban on seabed mining projects. They are the first Pacific country to take a resolution of this kind, expressing concern for the “exploitation” of their seabed territory. 

Greenpeace Slams Shock Decision To Green-light Deep Sea Mining

Source: Scoop World

Author: Greenpeace New Zealand

“Deep sea mining could begin in the Pacific as early as this month after a shock decision from regulators to allow The Metals Company to start mining the seafloor.”

In a move that highlights a “lack of transparency” from the ISA, NORI have been granted permission to begin exploratory mining in the Clarion Clipperton Zone. Greenpeace call on world leaders to take a stand and call for a moratorium on this “destructive” industry. 

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