Deep sea news (29 August – 5 September 2022)

Date: September 6, 2022

Check out the top stories from the deep, taken from coverage between 29 August – 5 September 2022

A tiny fraction of the high seas are protected. Why a UN treaty is needed now more than ever

Source: CBC News

Author: Jaela Bernstien

“The priority should be to invest in the study and understanding of the high seas — and agree on a treaty that specifies mechanisms and processes to conserve biodiversity in international waters.”

The failure to reach a legally binding agreement on BBNJs has undeniable repercussions for the deep sea bed and deep sea mining. CBC News outlines this threat.

Scientists set for ocean crisis debate 150 years after ‘extraordinary’ expedition

Source: The Guardian

Author:  Robin McKie

“In a few days, several hundred researchers will gather in the UK to debate the crises facing the oceans – and to pay tribute to the expedition that first opened them up to scientific scrutiny.”

The 1872 ‘Challenger Expedition’ revealed that there was life at the bottom of the ocean. It sparked the conversation that remains fundamental in understanding ocean health and the dangers of deep sea mining activity. 

Les écosystèmes marins vulnérables d’eau profonde sauvés du chalutage de fond par l’UE

Source: La rédaction de UP’ Magazine

Long awaited measures have been put in place to protect ecosystems at 400m and deeper from trawling in the EU. The Act protects areas of the North-east Atlantic where corals, sponges and other deep sea habitats are likely to be found according to the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea.

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