Deep sea news (8-14 August 2022)

Date: August 14, 2022

Check out the top stories from the deep, taken from coverage between 8 – 14 August 2022

‘We are not ready’: Divisions deepen over rush to finalise deep sea mining rules

Source: Climate Home News

Author: Chloé Farand

A growing number of countries are demanding more time to decide on rules that would allow companies to mine the deep seabed for minerals needed to manufacture batteries for the energy transition.

Diva Amon, a deep-sea biologist representing the Deep-Ocean Stewardship Initiative, an observer at the talks, said: “Pushing through regulations without allowing ISA member states and observer organisations to properly debate the mining regulations and the consequences of proceeding without a robust understanding of important but vulnerable deep-sea ecosystems will not be to the benefit of humankind.”

Deep-sea mining talks end with no agreement on environmental rules

Source: The Guardian

Author: Helen Scales

Mining could begin in less than a year after talks fail to produce regulatory framework despite growing calls to halt harm to oceans.

The two-year rule was introduced as an option to circumvent deadlock at the ISA should a situation arise where numerous states want to push ahead with mining regulations but a small number of others are blocking them.

“The situation is quite the opposite now,” said Pradeep Singh, “with a small number of actors wanting to push ahead, and everyone else being hesitant.”

Chorus of skepticism grows at deep-sea mining negotiations

Source: Eco-Business

Author: Elizabeth Claire Alberts

The International Seabed Authority, the intergovernmental body tasked with overseeing deep-sea mining in international waters, concluded its recent set of meetings, which ran from July 4 to Aug. 4, 2022.

“The feeling in the room is that there’s now a majority of states that are recognising that it’s unrealistic, unachievable, and would be highly irresponsible.” said the DSCC’s Emma Wilson.

MP says fishing industry proposal to restrict bottom trawling is ‘greenwashing’

Source: Stuff

Author: Andrea Vance

The Green Party is calling on the Government not to be swayed by fishing industry proposals to restrict – but not completely ban – bottom trawling on undersea mountains.

A forum of experts, environmentalists and commercial representatives was established earlier this year to provide Ministers with measures to deal with adverse effects from trawling. They are also considering if that should include a ban on fishing ocean volcanoes, known as sea mounts.

New species of deep sea isopod discovered

Source: Smithsonian Magazine

Author: Margaret Osborne

Giant isopods are like something out of a science fiction novel—these massive, armoured crustaceans use 14 legs to crawl along the ocean floor at staggering depths. It might seem unlikely that one of these species could be missed while in plain sight, but that’s exactly what’s happened, until now. Scientists have discovered a new giant isopod species among the sea creatures held in a Japanese aquarium.