New Zealand Greens Join Pacific Leaders To Call For An End To Deep Sea Mining

Date: April 14, 2022

Source: Scoop

Greens Oceans & Fisheries (Pacific) spokesperson Teanau Tuiono has joined together with other Pacific Parliamentarians to launch The Pacific Parliamentarians’ Alliance on Deep Sea Mining.

The Alliance is a collective of Pacific leaders and advocates who are committed to protect the ocean from mining by large corporations backed by powerful governments.

“Today, I joined with my fellow Parliamentarians from across Te Moana-Nui-A-Kiwa, as Indigenous custodians of the vast ocean, to call for a moratorium on deep sea mining in line with the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

“The life of our ocean is essential for life on earth for all living things and beings. But we face yet another human endeavour, threatening that health – the reckless pursuit of deep sea mining in our Pacific Ocean.

“This exploitation holds much responsibility for the realities of many Pacific Islands societies today; realities that serve to shrink our options and entice our countries to repeat unsustainable patterns of economic development,” he said.

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