UK attitude towards ocean mining revealed in landmark survey

Date: March 17, 2022

Source: Environment Journal

Author: Martin Guttridge Hewitt

The first poll asking the British public what they think about divisive plans to extract minerals from deep sea areas speaks volumes.

Social research experts ICM Unlimited have conducted the a survey on how UK citizens feel about mining the deep sea.

2,072 respondents engage with the study, which revealed that just 8% were in favour of activating the industry, with 73% suggesting they would support a moratorium on the sector until more is known about its impact. Just 50% of those involved were aware of deep sea mining as a practice, and 45% reported understanding that minerals, and therefore the extraction process, are needed for things like solar panels and electric vehicle batteries.

‘Motion 69 at the IUCN World Conservation Congress last year overwhelmingly rejected deep-sea mining as a concept, with a huge majority of governments, government agencies and civil society voting in favour of a moratorium. The ISA secretariat and indeed our own U.K. government departments need to stop buying the false narratives pushed by the nascent industry and recognise this very clear mandate from the world.’

Dan Crockett, Development Director, Blue Marine Foundation.

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