Pacific people caught in the link between ecological racism and deep-sea mining

Date: February 25, 2022

Source: The World Council of Churches

Mining in the deep seabed may also lead to deep injustice for Pacific people if the practice damages marine life, scars a fragile environment, and tightens the “western straitjacket” on communities, said researchers during a recent webinar.

Organized by the the anti-racsim initiative and ecology working group of the G20 Interfaith Forum, the webinar brought to light the links between deep-sea mining and racism.

“The Pacific is the most colonized region of the earth, and our islands were straitjacketed into the western model of democratic nation-states in order to survive,” said Ralph Regenvanu, a member of the parliament of Vanuatu. “As states are parasitic in nature, and can’t survive without taxation or resource extraction, and it is now the Pacific’s own indigenous leaders who are making the decision to go down the path of deep-sea mining due to the structure in which they exist.”

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