Six Solutions to Battery Mineral Challenges

Date: February 8, 2022

Source: RMI

Author: Avory Lovins

We will need more and more batteries in the future as we move away from fossil fuels. But the extraction of the minerals required to create batteries, such as mining the deep seabed, will be highly damaging to nature. This article examines six solutions to these challenges.

In order to reduce the emissions we release into the atmosphere, we are going to have to implement a transition towards electric vehicles and renewable energies. One of the intended uses of minerals mined from the deep is to feed this transition. However, the transition cannot come at the expense of nature, and deep sea mining is predicted to be highly destructive, resulting in a loss of biodiversity. This is why we need to turn our attention to innovative ideas that will help us reduce our need of these minerals. Here are six solutions:

1. Storing more energy per kilogram

2. Longer-lasting products that are then ‘reincarnated’

3. Recycling

4. Novel battery chemistries

5. More efficient vehicles

6. More efficient mobility

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