New report and interactive map showcase the biodiversity of Aotearoa’s seamounts

Date: December 21, 2021

Source: Greenpeace

Author: Ellie Hooper

A new report and interactive map has shone a light on the biodiversity found on Aotearoa’s seamounts, and the risks these ecosystems face, including bottom trawling.

The report found that:

1. Seamounts are home to disproportionate amounts of biodiversity

2. Thriving biodiversity underpins overall ocean health

3. Healthy seamounts are critical for the long-term sustainability of fisheries

4. Damage done to seamounts is essentially irreversible

5. Existing protected areas do not adequately protect seamounts and associated biodiversity

6. Bottom trawling is expanding into new unfished areas both in Aotearoa and beyond

7. Banning bottom trawling on seamounts is essential

  • The interactive map can be found here
  • The report can be downloaded here

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