Deep sea mining industry confronted at sea for first time by Greenpeace

Date: April 5, 2021

Source: Greenpeace

Clarion Clipperton Zone, Eastern Central Pacific Ocean, 6th April 2021 –Activists on the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior have taken the first-ever action at sea against companies preparing to mine the Pacific Ocean’s seabed. The activists displayed banners reading “Stop Deep Sea Mining” in front of a ship chartered by DeepGreen, one of the companies spearheading the drive to mine the barely explored deep-sea ecosystem.

A second peaceful protest also took place in San Diego’s port in the US, where Greenpeace activists unfolded a “Stop Deep Sea Mining” banner targeting the ship chartered by another leading deep-sea mining company, Global Sea Mineral Resources (GSR), from Belgium. This ship is carrying a pre-prototype mining robot for impact tests this month at depths of over 4,000m on the Pacific Ocean’s international seabed.

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