Deep Sea Mining not essential for renewables revolution

Date: February 25, 2021

Source: Matangi Tonga
Author: Pelenatita Kara

Deep Sea Mining (DSM) is not essential for a renewables revolution. Research indicates that better managed land based mines, circular economies based on smart product and urban design, recycling and reducing demand are more than enough to meet the mineral needs into the future. Research from the University of Technology in Sydney demonstrates that a transition to 100% renewable energy worldwide by 2050 would still not require deep sea mining.

New technologies are also being developed such as batteries which do not rely on rare and expensive metals requiring the mining of deep seabed DSM bears all the same hallmarks of terrestrial mining, including but not limited to, massive environmental destruction of which the greatest risks being shouldered by poor countries and subsistence communities much like ourselves here in the Pacific.

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