Rare ‘shark nursery’ discovered hidden in deep waters west of Ireland

Date: November 12, 2018

Source: The Independent
Author: Josh Gabbatiss

An enormous shark ”nursery” swarming with the predatory fish and strewn with their eggs has been found in the waters 200 miles off the western Irish coast.

The rare discovery was made by a remotely operated vehicle exploring the region’s cold-water coral reefs at depths of around 750m.

Scientists observed a large school of blackmouth catsharks, a relatively small species found throughout the northeast Atlantic, alongside the more unusual and solitary sailfin roughshark.

The site’s egg cases, or mermaids purses, are seldom seen in such vast numbers, and are thought to belong to the catsharks.

While there were no shark pups swimming around the site, the researchers behind the SeaRover survey that captured the footage want to keep an eye on events there and potentially watch them hatch in the future.

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