Risky deep sea mining project just got a whole lot riskier!

Date: December 14, 2017

Source: Deep Sea Mining Campaign
Author: Natalie Lowrey

On the back of gloomy investor updates from deep sea mining wannabe, Nautilus Minerals Inc.communities in Papua New Guinea just gave the company a surprise Christmas present.

Affected communities have launched legal proceedings in a bid to obtain key documents that would reveal to them and all Papua New Guineans whether the controversial “Solwara 1” deep sea mining project was approved lawfully.[1]

Furthermore, due to deficiencies in the Solwara 1 Environmental Impact Statement, they are seeking information that would help them to clearly understand the potential environmental, health and economic impacts of the project.

n a last-ditch bid to rescue the project, the two largest shareholders of Nautilus Minerals, Russian mining company Metalloinvest and Omani conglomerate MB Holdings, formed a new company in October whose sole job is to secure funding for the project by October 31st

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