39 NGOs worldwide call to halt deep sea mining

Date: June 9, 2017

Source: Seas At Risk

9 June 2017, New York, US – Today, at the Ocean Conference of the United Nations, Seas At Risk, supported by its 34 members and Mission Blue, BLOOM, the Deep Sea Mining Campaign and Earthworks, called on the international community to stop deep sea mining in its tracks.

At the Ocean Conference of the United Nations, Dr Monica Verbeek, Executive Director at Seas At Risk said: “Deep sea mining is not needed in a world which is committed to the sustainable consumption and production under Agenda 2030. Unless we stop and think, we risk squandering one of our most precious ecosystems, which has a vital role to play in the health of our planet, for an obsolete dream of boundless growth”.

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Deep sea mining poses a serious threat to sustainability. The deep sea is a fragile and vulnerable ecosystem, and the environmental impacts of deep sea mining risk to be significant, wide spread and lasting for thousands of years, if not forever. Contrasted to this, the socio- economic benefits (if any) are bound to be short lived. Huge gaps in scientific knowledge and the many uncertainties call for a strong precautionary approach, starting with a search for more sustainable alternatives.

For further, go to: http://www.seas-at-risk.org/20-blue-growth/743-39-ngos-worldwide-call-to-halt-deep-sea-mining.html


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