FRAUD – an investigation into deep-sea fishing lobbies

Date: March 12, 2015

BLOOM’s new documentary, FRAUD – An investigation into deep-sea fishing lobbies, delves deep into French and EU politics to reveal the tactics used by the French trawl lobby to derail a European proposal to ban the most destructive fishing practice in history  deep-sea bottom trawling.

The documentary recounts years of struggle between BLOOM and the government-backed French fishing industry. The 45-minute video discounts arguments including the so-called low environmental impact of deep-sea bottom trawling, the exaggerated socioeconomic threat posed by a fishing gear ban and the industry-sponsored studies. It demonstrates a clear case that an EU ban on deep-sea bottom trawling would not only protect one of the most vulnerable habitats on the planet: the deep ocean, but also provide economic, environmental and social benefits for the global community.

FRAUD – An investigation of deep-sea fishery lobbies is directed by Laure Ducos and was released in November 2014. A version with English subtitles will be available shortly.

Watch the trailer:

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