Dr Kerry Howell speaks at House of Parliament deep sea event

Date: January 30, 2015

On 21 January 2015, MPs from across party divides joined with leading UK marine scientists and NGOs to call on the government to take a leading role in EU negotiations to ensure sustainable deep-sea fisheries, the phasing out of the most destructive methods, bottom trawling and gillnetting, and minimise harm to vulnerable deep-sea ecosystems in UK waters.

At an event hosted by Richard Benyon MP (Conservative) and Ben Bradshaw MP (Labour) in cooperation with leading deep sea NGOs, scientists stressed how vital it is that the UK makes the right choice and drive home the critical nature of the threat, and the urgent need for the UK government to take a firm stance in Brussels. Speakers included Dr Kerry Howell, University of Plymouth, Associate Professor in Marine Ecology at the School of Marine Science and Engineering. Dr Howell spoke on mapping the likely presence of deep-sea habitat forming species in UK and Irish waters.

Watch video here: https://youtu.be/G25O_rdad54

Download Dr Howell’s presentation: Mapping the Deep by Dr Kerry Howell and Rebecca Ross, University of Plymouth

Other speakers included:
Dr David Bailey – The intended and unintended effects of fishing on deep sea fish
Prof Phil Weaver – Results from Research on Ecosystems and Human Impact in European Seas
Dr Clive Trueman – Deep sea fishes and carbon capture and storage

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