International mobilization for the deep ocean

Date: September 16, 2013

Politicians, scientists, fishermen and NGOs from around the world are mobilizing today to let the media and policy makers know that the fate of the deep ocean is being decided right now in Brussels.

Europe must indeed soon decide whether to adopt the proposal of the European Commission to ban deep-sea bottom trawling, a fishing method described by researchers as “the most destructive in History.”

This afternoon in Paris, the non-profit organization BLOOM and the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition jointly host  many public figures, European politicians and world-renowned scientists who have come to plead the cause of the deep ocean.

BLOOM will broadcast thanks to the support of the production company “Saint Thomas” exclusive footage in world premiere of a mythical sea creature never before filmed this way. Follow BLOOM from 14:00 onwards on Facebook and Twitter to discover the guests, the program and the many personalities supporting BLOOM and the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition in their effort to increase protection for the largest reservoir of biodiversity on Earth: the deep sea.

BLOOM will release throughout the day spectacular images of marine creatures. Stay tuned!

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Last year French President François Hollande promised to make France the nation of “environmental excellence”. At the Rio+20 Conference, he pledged that France would be a model nation for the protection of the oceans, but in the meantime, France has instead tried to kill the European regulation proposal which sould be a milestone to eliminate the destruction of the deep ocean.


The event organized by BLOOM today shows that France can not keep its blocking position at European level against the scientific consensus and citizen common sense.


Founded in 2005, BLOOM is a non-profit organization working to protect the oceans and promote sustainable fishing through awareness-raising and scientific mediation, by producing independent scientific studies, as well as by participating in public consultations and institutional processes. Our actions target both political and economic decision-makers, as well as the general public. BLOOM is a member of the DSCC.

Sign BLOOM’s petition calling on François Hollande to act for the protection of vulnerable deep-sea environments:

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