World Oceans Day celebrated across the globe

Date: June 8, 2012

Source: FIS World News

Author: Natalia Real

Ocean2012 is taking advantage of World Oceans Day to launch the third European Fish Weeks. Oceana is contributing by releasing a report describing how saving the world’s oceans can save the world by helping to feed the 9 billion people projected to be living on Earth by 2050 — a 30 per cent increase in the world’s population.
European Fish Weeks will consist of public events organised by people across Europe in 12 EU member states to raise awareness of overfishing and call on decision-makers’ to end it.

In its report, Oceana explains how applying science-based fisheries management in the 25 countries that control more than 75 per cent of the globe’s fish stocks by curbing overfishing, protecting marine habitat and limiting bycatch will boost fish stocks enough that wild seafood could sustainably feed 700 million people per day.

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