Stronger protection needed to save Antarctica’s marine biodiversity

Date: May 22, 2012

Source: WWF

Gland, Switzerland: WWF, as part of the Antarctic Ocean Alliance, unveiled a new vision for the creation of the world`s largest marine protected area across Antarctic marine habitats on International Day for Biological Diversity, 2012.
The new report ‘Antarctic Ocean Legacy: A Vision for Circumpolar Protection’ calls on governments to support increased marine protection for this unique and valuable environment.

Antarctic waters make up almost 10 per cent of the world’s seas and are some of the most intact environments left on earth. They are home to almost 10,000 diverse species such as penguins, seals and whales, yet they are under increasing pressure.

Growing demand for seafood means greater interest in the Antarctic Ocean from commercial fishing interests and climate change is affecting the abundance of important food sources for marine species.

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