Australia fails to reach finals on deep sea protection

Date: June 8, 2006

On World Oceans Day, Greenpeace gave Australia a red card for its inaction to stop deep sea destruction, in particular the highly destructive fishing practice of high seas bottom trawling.

Greenpeace has drawn up a scoreboard of Ocean Defenders vs Ocean Destroyers, indicating which countries have stated their support for a global moratorium on bottom trawling at the United Nations in November this year and which have not. Australia is listed as an Ocean Destroyer. (1) Lyn Goldsworthy, Australian representative of the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition said, “Unfortunately Australia has conflicting positions on high seas bottom trawling, despite being a champion for the oceans on other issues. “Australia is floundering about on the bottom trawling issue, and officials from the Department of Fisheries are refusing to support any short term measures to protect the high seas in various international forums. “There is very small involvement of Australian fishers in this industry, so it seems that Australia is taking a very backward position for no apparent reason,” said Ms Goldsworthy. The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition has placed a billboard at the entrance of the Canberra airport, in order to raise public and political awareness of the need for Australia to support a global moratorium on high seas bottom trawling.

Notes: (1) View the running tally of Oceans Defenders vs Destroyers

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