Deep sea gets billboard support

Date: June 1, 2006

A billboard placed at Canberra Airport today aims to get public and political support for Australia to take a strong position in the United Nations in 2006 to protect deep sea life by agreeing to a global moratorium on the destructive fishing practice of bottom trawling on the high seas.

Lyn Goldsworthy, Australian representative of the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition said that the high profile site will be visible to all Federal politicians and their advisers who use the airport during the sitting weeks of June. The billboard says: “STOP DEEP SEA DESTRUCTION. Support a global moratorium on high seas bottom trawling”. Bottom trawling is a destructive fishing practice which is damaging the largest pool of undiscovered life on Earth. Each day bottom trawling continues more deep sea life gets wiped out and the situation becomes more critical. “We are asking for simple, achievable and effective action from the Australian Government to help stop the destruction of deep life that occurs when these large nets are dragged along the ocean floor,” said Ms Goldsworthy. “World Oceans Day on 8 June 2006 would be a perfect opportunity for the Australian Government to declare its support for a global moratorium on high seas bottom trawling” said Helen Oakey Political Advisor with Greenpeace Australia Pacific. The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition recognises that Australia has an important role as a leader and supporter of good governance on the high seas. The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition has also been registering community support for the campaign through postcards to the Minister for the Environment, and it has written to every Member of Parliament providing information on the issues.

Contact: For further information contact: Clare Henderson (DSCC) on 0419 266 110 or Helen Oakey (Greenpeace) on 0402 052 777 or 02-6257 6516

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