Danson, star of the TV series “Cheers” warns of the threat posed by bottom trawlers

Date: November 4, 2004

“It’s 200 feet wide… and weighs over a ton… it destroys everything in its path in an instant… It destroys the shelter and food that fish need. Once their habitat has gone, the fish will also disappear. We must stop this destruction.”

In his lesser known role as member of the Board of Directors of coalition member Oceana, Ted Danson, a renowned environmental activist, speaks out against bottom trawling in a 20-second television spot to raise public awareness. Intensifying the campaign to stop bottom trawling, Oceana has also just released a report which “X-rays” the European bottom trawling fleet. • Watch Danson’s television spot.
• Read Oceana’s press release. English / Spanish.
• Download the report, European Trawlers are Destroying the Oceans (77 pages; 846 KB; pdf), English / Spanish.

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