Protesting farmers hit fishing company

23 July 2015

Source: Fishing News International

A group of refrigerated trucks carrying fish to the French port of Lorient were stopped by protesting farmers on the motorway near Ploermel this week, and the approximately hundred metric tons of fish they were carrying was emptied onto the road, reports Ouest France.

The action has been condemned by both the Brittany Regional Fisheries Committee and the Morbihan Departmental Committee, and French farmers’ union FDSEA has found itself embarrassed by the actions of what it has described as ‘elements not belonging to the federation’ when it emerged that the fish is not imported from foreign vessels, but was in fact fish landed by French vessels in UK ports and trucked to Lorient.

The fish belonged to Lorient fishing company Scapeche, owned by the Intermarche Group, and the financial blow to the company as the fish is condemned is estimated to be close to a million euros.

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