Away from Rio, a Big Victory for a Small Conservation Group

25 June 2012

Source: IHT

Author: Mort Rosenblum

While world leaders in Rio were casting adrift an imperiled planet, an impassioned young Frenchwoman forced a giant supermarket chain to stop pretending that its bottom-fishing trawler fleet was safeguarding the future of fish.

In artillery terms, the case against Intermarché by Claire Nouvian and her tiny non-profit association, Bloom, is pretty small-bore compared to a dud Earth Summit.

Yet as the French oceanographer Philippe Cury exulted when he heard the news, “Small victories win great wars.”

That rings true to a reporter who over decades has watched governments and big business sidestep serious action to avert ecological calamity.

Ms. Nouvian hauled Intermarché before a jury in the French court that oversees truth in advertising. When ordinary citizens looked at scientific evidence, the case was open and shut.

Writ large, the decision suggests that measures to protect the earth’s dwindling resources may have to come from the bottom up.


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