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Deep Sea Mining: An Invisible Land Grab
20 July 2016 After decades of being on the back burner owing to costs far outweighing benefits, deep sea mining is now emerging as a serious threat to the stability of ocean systems and processes that have yet to be understood well enough to sanction in good conscience their large-scale destruction.

DSCC calls on ISA to change to meet the challenge ahead. Environmental impacts of deep-sea mining may be felt for centuries, even millennia, to come.
18 July 2016 Speaking at the July 2016 annual meeting of the International Seabed Authority (ISA) in Kingston, Jamaica, the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition (DSCC) called on State parties to open closed doors and bring transparency to the heart of its work. The ISA this year will debate changes to the structure of the organization as it grapples with the development of exploitation regulations in light of increasing interest in commercial mining of the deep ocean.

Ocean monument: Growing momentum for Obama to establish new Pacific marine preserves before leaving office
15 July 2016 A new effort to convince President Barack Obama to establish a huge new national monument in the Pacific Ocean off California before he leaves office six months from now is gaining momentum.

Deep Sea Coral Research & Technology Program 2016 Report to Congress
13 July 2016 The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced the publication of the 2016 Report to Congress on the Deep Sea Coral Research and Technology Program. The Report highlights scientific research conducted over the past two-years and historic conservation measures that have been proposed and enacted based on our Program's results.

Statement by Ambassador Peter Thomson, President of the Council of the International Seabed Authority's 21st Session, Kingston, Jamaica
12 July 2016 In his opening remarks, Ambassador Peter Thomson, urges Parties to the International Seabed Authority to play in full their "essential part in preserving the integrity of Ocean's environment".

EU’s proposed deep sea fishing ban not matched in Canada
11 July 2016 Canada does not have a ban on deep-sea fishing and there is no sign of one on the horizon.

EU Decision-Makers Draw a Line Under Deep-Sea Bottom Trawling
30 June 2016 BRUSSELS—Conservation organisations are welcoming the agreement reached on 30 June by the European Parliament, Council of Ministers, and European Commission on key provisions for a new European Union (EU) regulation on deep-sea fishing that includes a ban on bottom trawling below 800 metres and would close areas where vulnerable marine ecosystems are known or likely to occur.

Plymouth and Oxford scientists in sea life conservation bid
22 June 2016 Scientists have been taking samples of deep-sea marine life to find new ways of conserving ocean species. The team, from Plymouth and Oxford universities, have been based on the research ship James Cook for the last six weeks. They say the genetic fingerprints of marine life could suggest how to identify areas which are most in need.

Deep Atlantic: Scientists launch ocean mission
17 June 2016 British scientists are leading a mission to reveal the secrets of the deep Atlantic Ocean.

Nautilus short of US$200 million
13 June 2016 Prospective seabed mining company Nautilus Minerals does not have the US$200 to US$225 million it needs to complete the construction of its giant floating production support vessel. This makes the future of its proposed experimental Solwara 1 mine in Papua New Guinea look increasingly uncertain.

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