sea anemone Sponges Coral bottom trawling

Defending the deep: the new EU deep-sea bottom trawling ban
16 August 2016 Hundreds of thousands of citizens, who added their voices to a hard-fought campaign to end one of the most absurd and abominable of all fishing practices, can finally celebrate a major peoples’ victory: the European Parliament, Council and Commission have agreed to a ban on deep-sea bottom trawling.

Footage Captured By Underwater Robots Reveals What Deep-Sea Life Is Like More Than Half A Mile Beneath The Surface
11 August 2016 Team used robots to explore life at UK's tallest underwater mountains

Sites Targeted For Deep-Sea Mining Teeming With New Species
9 August 2016 Polymetallic nodules on the seafloor that are rich in metals like cobalt, copper, manganese and nickel also have the highest diversity of megafuana, a new study has found.

Review of United Nations Landmark Resolutions To Protect the Deep Sea Reveals That There Is Still Work To Do
5 August 2016 The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) wrapped up a two-day workshop today in New York to review the implementation of a set of landmark resolutions adopted by the General Assembly over the past ten year calling for action by States to prevent damage to deep-sea ecosystems from destructive fishing practices.

Why We Must Act Now To Protect The Deep Sea From Destructive Bottom Trawling
1 August 2016 I’m planning a trip to St. John’s, Newfoundland this week and while I’ve been there several times, this visit seems more important than others. It was in that city, a little over a decade ago, that I attended a meeting with a number of scientists and began to get substantively involved in efforts to protect areas of the high seas from the impacts of bottom trawling.

Deep-sea ecosystems still under threat despite UN protection
29 July 2016 They aren’t the most famous ecosystems. Few people hit the streets to protect the Louisville ridge, the Josephine seamount or the Flemish Cap – the ecological marvels found on the floor of the deep ocean. But being out of sight doesn’t mean they are out of harm’s way. These wonders of the deep are threatened by a new generation of fishing trawlers that scrape nets along the deep-sea floor.

Implementation of United Nations Landmark Resolutions To Protect The Deep Sea Is Inadequate
29 July 2016 A lot has been achieved in the last 10 years but we cannot give up until the job is done! A new report out today reviewing ten years of international commitment to conserve biodiversity in the deep sea, finds significant improvements in our ability to prevent damage from destructive fishing practices over the last decade, but concludes that implementation of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) landmark Resolutions falls short and leaves vast parts of the ocean unprotected from destruction by deep-sea bottom trawling

Seamounts ARE vulnerable marine ecosystems
29 July 2016 United Nations General Assembly resolution 61/105 called “upon States to take action immediately, individually and through regional ?sheries management organizations and sustainably manage ?sh stocks and protect vulnerable marine ecosystems [VMEs], including seamounts, hydrothermal vents and cold water corals, from destructive ?shing practices, recognizing the immense importance and value of deep-sea ecosystems and the biodiversity they contain.” But how to determine what is a VME?

Look out Nemo! Incredible underwater creatures in the Pacific could be wiped out by deep-sea mining
29 July 2016 A vast area of seabed targeted for deep sea mining is home to species previously unknown to man, a study warned.

Greater Transparency and Urgent Reforms Needed For International Seabed Mining Authority
26 July 2016 The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition is calling for the United Nation's International Seabed Authority (ISA) to implement urgent reforms to protect the deep seabed and deep ocean.

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