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Meeting of the Italian Deep Sea Round Table at the Marevivo Headquarters in Rome
17 July 2014 The meeting on 9th June 2014 provided a platform for dialogue between key representatives of the Italian scientific community, the administration and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

European Street-art Stands Up Against Deep-sea Bottom Trawling
14 July 2014 Today, famous street artists are producing spectacular pieces of art in several european capitals to call for the ban of deep-sea bottom trawling.

The publication of previously unreleased data reveals that the French government has hidden the truth about its deep-sea fishing activity
14 July 2014 On 2 July 2014, the French Institute for the Exploitation of the Sea (Ifremer) released data on the activities of French deep-sea bottom trawlers that non-government organizations (NGOs) have been demanding since 2009. The document confirms what NGOs suspected: the government and the administration have hidden the truth by claiming that the number of vessels affected by the regulation would be "extremely important".

Overfishing in the English Channel leaves fisherman scraping the bottom of the barrel
10 July 2014 Decades of overfishing in the English Channel has resulted in the removal of many top predators from the sea and left fishermen 'scraping the barrel' for increasing amounts of shellfish to make up their catch.

Pêche en eau profonde : la France accusée d'avoir menti
9 July 2014 La France a-t-elle ignoré délibérément ses propres données scientifiques pour s'opposer au projet européen d'interdiction de la pêche en eau profonde ? Huit organisations non gouvernementales posent la question dans un communiqué rendu public mardi 8 juillet, en s'appuyant sur deux rapports inédits de l'Institut français de recherche pour l'exploitation de la mer (Ifremer).

International Mobilisation Against Deep-Sea Bottom Trawling on July 14th
7 July 2014 On July 14th, European Fisheries Ministers will be meeting at the Council in Brussels. A reform of the EU deep-sea fisheries management regulation, including the ban of deep-sea bottom trawling, was proposed by Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki in July 2012.

German Celebrities Join Fishlove to end EU Deep-sea Trawling
1 July 2014 Fishlove, a campaign consisting of an ever-growing number of actors and well-known personalities who have agreed to be photographed with fish to raise awareness of the plight of the world’s oceans from destructive fishing practices, is coming to Germany.

Deutsche Prominente Unterstützen Fishlove Im Kampf Gegen Die Europäische Tiefsee-schleppnetzfischerei
1 July 2014 Fishlove – die Kampagne, für die sich ein stetig wachsender Kreis von Schauspielern und Prominenten mit Fischen fotografieren lässt, um ein Bewusstsein für die durch destruktive Fischfangmethoden verursachten Schäden an den Weltmeeren zu schaffen – kommt nach Deutschland.

Semestre Italiano: Appello al Ministro Martina sul Futuro del Mare
30 June 2014 Alla vigilia del semestre italiano all’Unione europea, Legambiente, Marevivo , MedreAct e la Deep Sea Conservation Coalition rivolgono un appello al Ministro Martina affinché promuova con decisione misure incisive per la tutela dei nostri mari.

Ocean floor video to track trawlers' footprint
30 June 2014 A pioneering experiment being conducted in the Atlantic Ocean 100 nautical miles off the west coast of South Africa will tell marine researchers from the University of Cape Town (UCT) how long the seabed and its ecosystem takes to recover after hake trawling operations.

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