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Scapeche claims drop in deep-sea species catch
11 March 2015 Scapeche, France's largest fresh fishing fleet, announced deep-sea species made up less than 25% of its catch in January and February.

Deep Sea Talk in Barcelona
26 February 2015 Last Tuesday, February 23rd, Alex Bartoli from Deep Sea Conservation Coalition gave a public conference in Barcelona titled: “Deep Sea Life: Biodiversity, threats and conservation proposals”.

High seas fishing ban could boost global catches, equality
12 February 2015 Closing the high seas to commercial fishing could distribute fisheries income more equitably among the world’s maritime nations, according to research from the University of British Columbia.

New Zealand's seabed mining decision a “victory for good science”
11 February 2015 The decision by New Zealand’s Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to refuse consent for a bid to mine phosphate from the Chatham Rise’s deep sea bed is logical, wise, and a victory for good science, and a vindication of all the concerns raised by the groups in the hearing, say environmental groups who opposed the scheme.

Meeting Closes With A Major Step For The Ocean
24 January 2015 New York: States took a major step toward urgently needed ocean protection at the United Nations today agreeing to develop a legally binding agreement to conserve marine life in the high seas.

Scientists call for destructive seabed trawling to be banned
21 January 2015 Sixty marine scientists have signed an open letter urging the UK fisheries minister, George Eustice, to stop Spanish and French fishermen damaging wildlife in the deep sea. The scientists were joined by MPs at the Houses of Parliament in demanding an end to bottom trawling below 600 metres in all European waters.

UK should take a lead role in the EU drive to overhaul deep-sea trawling
21 January 2015 We should not prop up an unsustainable, wasteful, fuel-intensive fishing practice and an unviable industry that is destroying our unique underwater ecosystem.

World leaders hold the future of the oceans in their hands this week
16 January 2015 In a letter to the New York Times, International Oceans Program Director for the Natural Resources Defense Council says, "Staving off ocean collapse requires urgent international action to preserve these waters, which make up two-thirds of the world’s oceans and cover nearly half the planet. It’s not too late to act."

Ocean Life Faces Mass Extinction, Broad Study Says
15 January 2015 A team of scientists, in a groundbreaking analysis of data from hundreds of sources, has concluded that humans are on the verge of causing unprecedented damage to the oceans and the animals living in them.

Seabed mining company drops appeal
12 December 2014 A "victory for common sense" was Kiwis Against Seabed Mining’s reaction today to Trans Tasman Resources’ news that it will drop its attempt to reverse the EPA’s rejection of its seabed mining application.

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