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Pressure Mounts for Adoption of Further Conservation Measures for NAFO
22 September 2014 The 36th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO) convenes this week (September 22-26) in Vigo, Spain. Of primary concern to conservation organizations is the protection of deep sea species from bottom trawling. While some areas of the deep-sea in the Northwest Atlantic have been closed to fishing over the past several years, scientific advice presented this year indicates that there is poor protection in several areas including deep sea corals, sponges and seamounts as well as other fragile sea floor species.

NAFO urged to protect deep-sea species
19 September 2014 Environmentalists working to mitigate damage done by bottom trawling

Hard coral discovered deep in North Sea
15 September 2014 A ten-day research expedition in the North Sea has uncovered the underwater world in a mission to show people and politicians that there is more to the North Sea than previously thought. During the expedition, researchers were also surprised at several new discoveries.

Deep sea body painting - in pictures
11 September 2014 Lush staff across Europe have been wearing body paint to tell the story of deep-sea destruction. It is part of a project by the Bloom Association to symbolise the amazing diversity of deep-sea life by creating deep-sea body painting. Sign the Petition here.

Bloom and LUSH Campaign for a Historic EU Ban On Deep-sea Bottom Trawling
8 September 2014 From September 8 to 14, Lush makes a splash by relaying BLOOM’s campaign against deep-sea bottom trawling in more than one hundred stores in Europe.

Help us protect the pyramids of... Great Britain!
5 September 2014 Tell the UK Government to protect our natural heritage and support a European wide phase out of deep-sea bottom trawling.

Politics of mining: keep digging?
29 August 2014 Attack is rarely the best form of defence for a company seeking both social and environmental licence to operate.

What riches lie in the deep sea?
20 August 2014 As fishing and the harvesting of metals, gas and oil have expanded deeper and deeper into the ocean, scientists are drawing attention to the services provided by the deep sea, the world's largest environment.

Scraping the seafloor for fish harms biodiversity
19 August 2014 Fishing boats have dragged nets across the seafloor in pursuit of bottom-feeding fish and crustaceans since the Middle Ages. In recent decades, motorized fishing fleets, powered by government subsidies, have taken heavier nets deeper and farther offshore. The annual haul from international waters in 2010 was reported to be worth more than $600 million.

Blow for Chatham Rise phosphate mining bid
18 August 2014 The Environmental Protection Authority says it cannot recommend in favour of a proposal to mine phosphate nodules from the seabed on the Chatham Rise, saying there are too many uncertainties about the environmental impacts of Chatham Rock Phosphate's plans on an important fishery.

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